With a name like The Botanist Diaries, it’s no surprise that we love all things green.
In particular, miniature succulents have captured our hearts! (And, yours too, if we had to bet.)

As succulents are known for their ability to store water in their thick and fleshy stems they are the perfect plant for the few of us who have not been gifted with a
green thumb. These low maintenance plants are able to survive for several weeks without water. However, if you want your succulent to flourish and fear waking up
one day and finding a shriveled succulent in your midst, we’ve got just the care instructions for you.

The first thing succulents need is light! In particular, bright light. Intense, direct light (the kind that makes you squint and wish you had a pair of shades on) is to be avoided unless the plant has already acclimated to its new environment.

Once access to natural light has been established, we need to figure out how much water a succulent needs. Though they can survive weeks without water, we wouldn’t recommend it. You want your succulent to thrive in your home! As such, a general rule of thumb is every 7-10 days. A great way to check if your succulent needs water is to touch the soil. When the soil is dry, it’s time to water your succulent.

Now that you’ve figured out when to water your succulents, you are probably wondering how much water is enough. Succulents do not like sips of water here and
there, rather, succulents should properly soaked. When you see the water running through the drainage holes to the saucer below the pot you know you have watered them enough. During the wintertime, you can even feel free to water them less frequently.

With access to sunlight and water covered, you’ve got the basics covered. If you feel like you’ve got these basic steps mastered, why don’t you give a once a month fertilizing treatment a try? Think of it like a mask for your plant!