Honey is not just an ingredient for your afternoon tea as we’ve already highlighted on this blog.

Rather, the amber hued liquid is a skin saver.

The two most astounding properties of honey is its humectant and antibacterial nature. A humectant is a naturally moisturizing agent which when applied topically can hydrate the skin while it’s antibacterial properties aid acne treatment and prevention. The dual hydrating and antibacterial properties make it ideal for acne sufferers who want to normalize the skin and worry about drying out the skin.

On its own, honey is a potent acne fighter. However, when honey is combined with
cinnamon and nutmeg we have produced an unstoppable face mask which is not
only natural but also made with ingredients that are easily accessible in your

Nutmeg helps to gently exfoliating the skin without irritating it. Light exfoliation
reduces blemishes and supports healthy cell turnover. As an antiseptic, cinnamon,
helps to dry out existing pimples and fights bacteria found on the surface of the skin
while stimulating more blood and oxygen to the skins.